70th Edition, Volume 4 - Wednesday, June 8, 2016


5:30. It was the morning of Monday, June 6. I had just woken up. After going for a run and showering, I felt ready for the day.

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Overcoming Cancer

Right before I turned two years old, my Dad found out he had a brain tumor. He had to have surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

Honor Code

Fettered by chains in Plato's dark cave, stressed college students will conform to their fellow cellmates if they cheat. Even if an enlightened person returned to the cave with skeptical advantages of an honor code, this man will be disparaged and belittled by his peers.

Food Haiku

Thoughts on the NAU provision

The Respect of Others

After these first couple of days here in Boys State, I have noticed many good things about a lot of good people. I've also noticed many unacceptable things from people who I know can do better.

The Thirteen Colonies: How and Why They Separated

When Britain first founded the colonies in what we know today as The United States of America, they should have known that the colonists were going to expect a little more...